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Are you an athlete or a celebrity?

45% of millennials follow an icon, an athlete or sports team on social media. You can link your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and the Cucu smart platform will connect your social media profiles automatically to a large number of local and global brands

Get noticed by the best brands

Your profile will be accessible to a large number of brands, so that you will benefit from marketing partnerships such as social media campaigns, events, special projects and brand ambassadorships.

Increase your revenues fast and in a secure way

Receive an easy-to-understand proposal on your mobile, through the Cucu App. You can accept or reject the proposal with one click. Our platform will publish the post for you, while you see your revenues grow.

Link your social profiles and boost engagement with your fan base

If you have more than 5000 followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can sign up and link your social media accounts. You will be visible to brands that are looking for the right athlete and celebrity to endorse their products or services.

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