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With Cucu Brands connect instantly to Athletes & Celebrities’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds and run their social media campaigns with just a few clicks

How it works

Brands are just a few steps away from your next campaign

1. Sign Up

Marketers, Athletes, Celebrities and Agents sign up onto our website or App and create their own profile

2. Profile

Each Athlete & Celebrities profile shows reach, engagement and followers’ specific data and analytics

3. Campaign

Marketers set up their campaign by specifying their requirements and selecting the ideal Athlete(s) & Celebrities

4. Deal

A deal proposal with the campaign details is instantly sent to the Athlete(s) & Celebrities or Agent(s) for approval

5. Fulfilment

Upon approval, the Cucu platform automatically delivers the campaign on the Athletes & Celebrities' social feeds

6. Analytics

Cucu delivers metrics and in-depth analytics directly to the Marketer’s dashboard

A smart platform for smart brands

Imagine your brand advertised by the top icons who deliver your social media campaigns in just a few clicks. Cucu also allows you to engage icons for your corporate events, local and global brand ambassadorships

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